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Administration Freezes Mental Health And Addiction Programs Database
by Countable
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    They closed this because trump doesn’t believe in any science of any kind. They have no intention of putting money into treating addiction. Sessions believes treatment consists of jail. As far as mental illness goes, my guess is trump denies it exists or believes people who are diagnosed as “mentally ill” are malingerers. “Rigorous science!” There won’t been anything rigorous or scientific. That’s why there is nothing to replace the database except words, and that is as far as it will go. Further, I imagine he doesn’t believe therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and other treatment positions are legitimate occupations. He is not stable, the whole area makes him uncomfortable and he doesn’t want any of that mumbo jumbo in govt records. It’s just like he has required certain words be eliminated and science denied in federal documents and policies. He doesn’t like medical science or research and he has required that those words, the word fetus, and actual data not be used in budgetary documents of NIH. “Convenience to the government” is code speak for the Pres doesn’t believe in science or treatment and wants to eliminate any of the words associated with it or theories developed, and the admin staff doesn’t want to keep having to listen to him vent. Employee guidance manuals have been eliminated in depts effected by his censorship. This is the same thing only these employees are those who are in professional treatment, advocacy, and support positions in the public. His personal beliefs and hang ups are dictating what resources are and are not available no matter the negative impact.

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