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How Three Households Fare Under the Tax Bill
by Countable
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  • SirRobert

    If you are one of the middle class that think you won with this tax scam then you must have been sleeping! Any reduced taxes will be short lived with crippling increases after mid term elections (WHAT A COINCIDENCE)! I watched the Senate hearing until 1:00a.m. Where Pence repeatedly hammered on the desk commanding the Sergeant of Arms to bring order in the gallery as one by one people were dragged from the chamber echoing “kill the bill, don’t kill us!” as smiling Republicans voted to pay off their campaign contributors. I listened to testimony citing that 35% of the corporate interests are held by foreign interests and that they will receive payoffs in 2019 of $5 BILLION AND BY 2027 that figure going abroad will be $40 BILLION annually, all to be paid from middle class taxes. All to be paid by our children and grandchildren! The passing of the Tax bill is troublesome and a clear example of the underlying problem with our government. Republicans are popping champagne corks now but come Election Day, they will be replaced. When the Democrats have control of the House and Senate they will pass bills that favor their party and so we are on this continual back and forth very divisive path of destruction. There should be an equal number of Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate with none of the Vice President tie breaking. Every bill should require a minimum of 60% majority of combined Republicans and Democrats to pass. Perhaps then we can unite America and stop the destruction!! IN THE MEANTIME, VOTE THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE!!

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