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How Three Households Fare Under the Tax Bill
by Countable
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  • Hillary

    There are a great many things that taxes pay for that I like and approve of- I like knowing that if I put in a little extra a family in trouble will get help with food and medicine. I like knowing that if I put in a little more that sick children, disabled vets, mentally ill persons, elderly, and poor can manage a little easier. I like having a fire department and police in my town, and snow removal, street cleaning and all the things that we pool our resources to make happen. I do not approve of the vast majority of our tax dollars going to fund war. We have enough weaponry to destroy the earth many times over. How could we possibly need more? Why not invest that money in cures for cancer, ALS, MD, MS, and other devastating diseases? Why not use our money for good instead of violence? And, I do not approve of the obscenely wealthy avoiding payment of their fair share of taxes. They use public roads, public water systems, public mail, public education, public tv and radio, public electric grids-they should pay a percentage of their income to help pay for it the same as everyone else. Our president said in the debates that not paying taxes made him smart. In my opinion it just makes him selfish.

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