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Judge Dismisses Suit Accusing Trump of Violating Emoluments Clause
by Countable
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  • Ted

    The judge ruled on the evidence before him. I can’t agree or disagree. But he stated that evidence of how other businesses were hurt by Trump business was not shown. It’s about evidence. Not what his personal beliefs are. As he also said. He is sure it has hurt other businesses but the proof was not there. This judge has put it in the hands of congress by saying, until congress speaks on this. Write, call, and use any possible communication tool to alert your elected officials that it is a huge huge deal. Blame your ELECTED official for allowing this conflict of interest to continue. ..................... Reading some of the other comments. I am just appalled. It has nothing to do with conservatives, leftists or any other label that is thrown out there. It’s about a judge making a decision based on evidence before him. Stop with labeling folks who have an opinion, branding individuals who don’t think like you. Direct your comments to your elected officials in support or non support. But let individuals have their opinions without coming down on them. Agree or not, but that’s why this is here to give your thoughts on a particular item.

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