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State Dept. Tells Refugee Agencies to Downsize
by Countable
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  • Ted

    Well duh. It’s got to cut back. We got a trillion $$ deficit to worry about. We have a wall we have to pay for. We are making America Great by doing this. Heck we are in it for ourselves. Why have any offices, close em up. Can’t help yourself, too bad. America first. Gonna be great. Wish 45’s immigrant grandfather had been treated in the way 45 perceived immigrants. His behind would not have had the luxury he grew up in. His great or great great grandfather was not allowed back into his country so we allowed him into ours, which is what this country was founded on. And a couple of generations later here is 45. He should be grateful and use his forefathers experiences to figure out a feasible solution. Stop dismantling. Stop with stopping resources. I can not understand why our elected officials are allowing this. Baffling to me.

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