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Justice Dept. Revokes 25 Legal Guidances, Impacting Civil Rights Protections
by Countable
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  • Ted

    Why???? What is the purpose??? Take away rights. Let’s go backwards, let’s segregate our people. Split em up and it’s ok to make fun, to make it impossible for persons with disabilities to have a level field. Heck remove the wheel chair ramps. I don’t want to allow special equipment for disabled in my place of business, cost to much. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!! Not a reason one, a dignified reason one that the justice department could ever give to do that. It is so mind baffling as to how this administration has done a year of undoing laws, undoing protection of individuals and not implementing anything that they can call their own. Remove and take away. Dismantle, take way. But add add add a new law that says 45 will pay hella less tax. 45 will be able to pass along businesses, real estate, and more without taxes and fees. I am all about cutting the outrageous Corp tax. But not to the extent that it was done. Stop the taking away, the dismantling, the removing. Stop evoking, allowing hardships onto people by removing laws that protect individuals.

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