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Trump Wants Postal Service to Charge More. What Do You Think?
by Countable
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  • Ted

    That is why the postal service currently faces so much competition. 45 is going to put the postal service a thing of the past. His past experience is file bankruptcy, it’s legal, and go on leaving someone else the cleanup. But when 45 flubs this for the postal service, there is no bankruptcy. Why can’t he come up with an actual fix, ideas that might be able to put into place and recover. I have yet to hear one idea that 45 has come up with, that he can claim as his own. I heard he has them and he will tell us what they are later. And we wait. He had a great plan for healthcare....national security plan....we wait....we he gonna get the wall done.....we wait...he is gonna fix.....we wait. Don’t let him put the postal service in debt and indeed a thing of the past. Just 3 ideas, suggestions he has to fix it. Might not work, but let’s hear something other than a dang stupid tweet putting someone down or some outlandish comment

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