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Library of Congress Will Stop Saving Every Public Tweet
by Countable
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  • Jennifer

    Why does every liberal see Trump at the foundation of every Countable issue? Liberal thinking: Issue=Trump=Bad=Ulterior Motive=(eventually) Russia, Russia, Russia! First off, if you read the article—which you rarely do—the Library of Congress is talking about ALL public tweets, which—as the article points out—has made it that much more voluminous to retain tweets since Twitter increased character allowance from 240 to 280! By law all communications are kept by any president, so your seeing ulterior motives in this move vs sheer efficacy in collection methods, just shows how ill-informed you are. Your hate of Trump colors everything you do and say! Libs, it must be so life-suckingly draining to see everything through the “I hate Trump and will do ANYTHING to thwart your success,” glasses that you wear.

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