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IRS Says Pre-Paying Property Taxes May Not Work
by Countable
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  • Linda

    I am one of the middle-middle class (widowed senior citizen with a 5-figure income) who will be hurt to the tune of about $2,000 by the new tax bill. I have no ability to make up this significant loss through salary increases. Instead, I have to pay my retirement money to Donald Trump and his family. So I tried to get a one-year benefit to offset a small portion of the tax burden the GOP has imposed on me and others like me. Instead, I’ve been told the IRS will not allow me to deduct my prepaid 2018 real estate tax because I haven’t yet been billed for it. Do they think I will get a freebie on my taxes next year? This is just another way they have of sticking it to the little guy — or little old lady in this case. I am asking my Congressman and my Senators to pledge to reverse this awful tax bill as soon as they are in the majority — I pray that is in the next year!

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