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Trump Administration Announces List of Forbidden Words In CDC Budget
by Countable
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  • Jon

    If specific words are being "banned" by this administration, it is just another example of the road we are traveling that leads to a totalitarian regime. What is happening in this country, and the direction in which this administration is leading the nation has disturbing parallels to what happened in Germany with the advent of the nazi take over. The suppression of science and intelligent discourse has begun. Pandering to a base of supporters that reflect the extremist attitudes analogous to extremist ideologies the world over. Animosity toward people of ethnic heritage different from conservative Caucasians is concerning. Inhumanity in the name of warped conservative "Christian" values, with its resultant violence against certain "undesirable" citizens of this nation has similarities to action taken against Jewish, Catholic, academics, and other people deemed less desirable in Germany prior to world war 2. The toxic nature of our current leadership cannot be understated. The lock-step following of the Republican base and "representatives" is difficult to comprehend and reflects just how far our country has fallen from the ideals that we, as a nation,were founded upon.

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