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Kids Suing Trump Admin. Over Climate Change
by Countable
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  • Michelle

    Have these ‘kids’ banned manufactured toys from their lives? What about air conditioning, all of their electronics, vacations? They are the consumers of fossil-fueled lifestyles. You can not eliminate fossil fuels without first having an alternative...and don’t say electronic do you think the electricity is made? Fairy dust? Are they growing their own food in their yards? It starts at home. Growing up we were told an ice age was coming, we were going to run out of water and the entire planet would run out of food...hmmm, not yet. The climate has always changed (ice ages and warming periods). The US is cleaner that it was in the early one ‘wants’ to pollute or destroy the planet. This is a grab for money; I hey aren’t willing to DO anything to make a change....why not DO something....pick up trash, stop buying so much material possessions, turn off your A/C-Is it hat too inconvenient?

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