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The Daily Countable: Congress's To Do List, Wildfires & Trump In The Hot Seat
by Countable
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  • Jill

    Senators Flake and McCain please try to protect your constituents while you are STILL serving as our representatives! Please prevent the FCC from repealing net neutrality. Vote against this obscene tax bill Trump and the GOP are about the only people who want it! Please don’t allow roads in Alaska wilderness or oil drilling in protected areas. For that matter please stop this Administration from destroying our planet...we only have one. Allow Trumps accusers to be heard and their claims investigated he and Roy Moore are two peas in a pod and should not be allowed to serve our country in any public office. Please pass a clean Dreamers Act. Senator Flake just because you asked the GOP isn’t going to pass that legislation for you. If you vote in this obscene tax scam you will not go down in history as anything other than another weak willed Republican that helped destroy this country. By both of you towing the party line on this tax scam as far as I’m concerned your legacies as adding more than a trillion dollars to our national debt will be all that’s remembered about you. This Administration, House and Senate has already set this country back years, decades with environmental issues, healthcare and done more to ruin our standing as a nation. Please STAND UP for your constituents and country!!

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