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Tech Companies That Support Net Neutrality Aren’t As Virtuous As You Think
by The Daily Signal
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  • Alan

    This is a great article. Rare to find an explainable article that lends points to both opposing viewpoints. My opinion still stands with net neutrality but I do think it can be fine with “acceptable” regulations. And only those regulations that need to be in place. That being said maybe we should just abide by the words that everyone told us the first day we got online “almost anything online can have its validity contested”. Sad truth in a day where Wikipedia is now reported to be statistically more factual than current editions of encyclopedia britannica. But words to live by. Try to not live like the other comment on this post by Chester. He didn’t read or even try to understand anything about this argument. He just decided to be ignorant and oppose something that had Obama’s name on it. That’s no basis for any kind of decision. He is the problem with America.


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