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The Countable Quiz for December 4 - 8, 2017
by Countable
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  • Phyllis

    I am 82 years old. I was raised in a politically active family, 100% Democrat. Mother also insisted we listen to and then watched when TV arrived. My true sense is that politics has changed drastically and with the change we ha e spiraled down to where we are now. There is no cooperation across the aisles, the GOP is self centered, mean spirited, strive for power and wealth for them selves. The Democrats do not seem to be able to agree on any thing, never work together for the good of the party. President Obama’s was a breath of fresh air disputed GOP vowing to oppose any and everything he tried to achieve, He still made us feel safe, that he actually cared what happened to the least of us. ACA is a must, Climate Change is real, racism continues, Guns still need some controls, DACA needs to be address in a positive way, Tax Reform and deficit needs control, Social Security And Medicare need to be removed from the General Fund, put in a lock box so the politicians can not touch it. There is sweat in every dollar and not part of the Debt. Veterans need physical and mental care without charge. If we are going to send our young men and women out to fight wars for us, we must care for them when they return. I’ve lived through WW11, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf 1,2,3,4, I have lost count. I am a Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Veteran Army Nurse Corp., Wife, Mother, Grandmother. Seen and participated in Civil Rights and the age of Aquarius. I am sad, angry, disappointed and embarrassed by the condition we are now in. I would like to bury my head, not listen to the news. I, however will not do that, I will fight, resist, march, get out the vote and do every thing I can do to fight for our Beautiful USA. My pitchfork is sharp and be ready. Trump and the Congress. need reminding we are the people, the voters and we can you remove, you are our employees and we are watching.

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