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How Do YOU Answer Justice Kennedy’s Question: "Could [a] baker put a sign in his window: ‘We do not bake cakes for gay weddings’?"
by Countable
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  • mikesindahouse

    The Baker should not be able to refuse gay customers. If he/she/etc wants to state his opinion of gay marriage to their customers and/or to the general public, that is his/her/etc right exercise their rights to free speech and religious expression, but flat out refusing to serve them is as discriminatory as refusing to serve non-whites, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Democrats, Republicans, short people, tall people, people with gray hair, etc (pick your human trait.) Like them or not, Gay people are who they are and they have the same rights as everyone else. Religious beliefs, no matter how closely held or believed righteous do not infer upon the believer the right to pass judgement upon others in the form of discriminatory practices. I would encourage people on the other side of the opinion to stop bullying people you don’t know because they’re different from you and start communicating with them and getting to know them. If you do, I know you will realize they are human beings, just like you.

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