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Committee Watch: Week of December 4, 2017
by Countable
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  • Nan

    I am very concerned about the passage of a tax reform bill. As Congressmen your job is to uphold the constitution and represent the best interests of you constituents. Any bill that is voted on without debate and compromise from BOTH parties is not working the way the constitution was meant to work. To ignore the advice of agencies whose job it is to watchdog government in a non partisan way is negligent to put it mildly. To rush a vote on something as important as a refiguring of the worlds largest economy in the dead of night without giving congressmen the time to read and negotiate is unconscionable. To look for ways to make these cuts work on the back of assuming a cut to social supports for the poor, elderly and needy is criminal. And I know Toomy will tout the lies about benefiting business as a way to benefit all Americans. It didn’t work before and it won’t work now. I’m already anticipating his highly partisan response to this message. To play games with something as important as our tax base in order to “get something on Trumps desk by Christmas “ is patently absurd. Where is your sense of duty? You don’t play with the welfare of millions of Americans to score political points! I am beyond disgusted. Please take this opportunity to work on a bi partisan plan that compromises on the concerns of various states, watchdog groups and anxious citizens.

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