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The Daily Countable: Countdown on Net Neutrality & Tax Bill
by Countable
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  • Joel

    As a firm believer in market solutions and free market growth this is the one contention I have. The one thing that conservatives rely on is the idea of competition making businesses regulate themselves to stay profitable. While I agree that this is the most effective way to create new resources and economic growth it is not 100% applicable to every existing problem. Government regulation is necessary in instances where ISPs are few, and our rights are vulnerable to being infringed. With only two competitors the power held is much greater than most corporate businesses. Your first amendment rights could, if desired, be obscured behind paywalls. Political censorship is another possible emergence. Competition in other areas can be severely limited through fast and slow lanes in speed. Equal opportunity is being threatened in our age of information and people still don't know what net neutrality is. We are evolving fast and so too should our concepts of applicability. I believe in market solutions as I have said, but this is where the classical liberal in me leans left a bit. We need neutrality.

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