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A White House Christmas: Prestige & Parody
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    Funny, for someone who wants to “Make America Great Again” and everyone who voted for him; you don’t seem real happy with the outcome! Christmas and all of the other holidays celebrated in this country aren’t political punching bags. If someone says Merry Christmas, that’s great, I personally have never been told I can’t say it. I do know that the “Happy Holidays” was and has been used for years to in compass the whole holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. I know that as the first voice or person that someone sees during this time of year, especially at a business, it’s long, cumbersome and almost impossible to understand or remember all the greetings and get them out while other people are coming in or calling in. What, you think anyone has time to say, “Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year”; every time the phone rings or someone comes in the door. Ridiculous, this was never to take Christmas out of the holidays, but more of a convenient way for people to issue a greeting during this time of year. Get over it you jackhats! So, no your great hero hasn’t saved Christmas, nor has the pumpkin king taken over Christmas! Also, you tout how only a great businessman can understand what to do with our economy, taxes and our country. Presidents Reagan and Bush, St. Both proved to the country and our representatives that “Trickle down” doesn’t work and especially not for a country. All of you forget, it’s not just Corp CEOS or CFOS who make the fiscal decisions for a company, they have Board of Directors, shareholders and banks that influence their decisions. Plus, do you honestly think that most executives would say, “ I don’t need another 7 figure bonus, my shareholders don’t need an increase in their dividends; I’ll take that money and hire 100 new employees with the necessary benefits to spend that money.” If they did, most of them would be out on the street looking for a new job! Yeah, that really means that all of these corporations are going to take their new found tax savings of 15% and put most of it in their pockets or their shareholders pockets and bank the rest. Some may hire a couple of new employees or donate to a charity or even give some of their current employees a raise, but not very likely! And how is the government or Trump and his administration going to force them to spread or trickle down those funds? As a line from MASH, the TV show said, “There’s not thing one you can do about it!” The funny thing is; everyone who supports this new tax cut for corporations is suppose to be so smart, why are they being so dumb about this! Why not make it contingent upon them either hiring an additional percentage of their workforce with their employees across the board all getting the same percentage increase. With payroll tax reports, etc as proof for a minimum of a year, only they do they get a tax cut. For corporations who have moved their facilities and offices overseas for those alleged cheaper taxes, they have to move a certain percentage of their businesses back to the USA for a minimum of a year to get their tax cut. If I can think of some of these things, why is it so difficult for anyone who is ramming these tax changes through to put them into practice?


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