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A White House Christmas: Prestige & Parody
by Countable
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  • SneakyPete

    Ah shucks.... Firstly folks “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and a “HAPPY HANUKKAH” to all, as appropriate, during the 2017 Holiday Season. If the President accomplished this, then THANKS. Secondly, let me say that I, for one, am sick and tired of the constant hatred being shouted forth on the airways and print media, towards OUR duly elected President. The opposition forecast, aided by their heavily funded agents including the cable and print media sources which are using all methods of propaganda, disinformation & distraction to damage and distort the President’s agenda. These are combined with the Democratic Obstructionist activities in the hallowed Halls of Congress to accomplish the DNC’s Political Agenda. They will, I’m certain, will ultimately fail doing so.

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