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Senate Passes GOP Tax Reform, Conference Committee Up Next
by Countable
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  • Mary

    Outrageous, Mississippi Senators! In voting for the Tax Reform Bill on Dec 3, 2017, you have voted for the interests of your big donors and not the interests average working man and woman in Mississippi. I and other Mississippians are fed up with your failings of character and integrity. You vote for tax reform without cost analysis, with scribbled notes in margins that cannot possibly have been properly reviewed and vetted. The long term effects of this poor work will be that Mississippians with incomes between 40 & 75K annual salary will pay more taxes; the wealthier folks will pay less. “Trickle down” effects of corporate tax cuts DO NOT WORK! We’ve seen this for over 30 years! Why do we contact you - you never respond with anything more than a form letter, you never answer the questions on the issues we raise to you. You are at the heart of the problem of why our democracy is failing.

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