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Senate Passes GOP Tax Reform, Conference Committee Up Next
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    Putin and the new/old Soviet Union, ie. Russia doesn’t fear us, China doesn’t fear us and North Korea, sure as hell doesn’t fear us! Why, because we ARE burying ourselves from within. This so called “Tax Reform” is just one more nail in our casket as a Democracy and as an independent country! When I first criticized this tax bill, I did receive an email (form letter) from our local pubic (not a misspelling nor missing letters) representative, urging me to give it support; telling me these Corporate tax cuts would generate sooo much money, create jobs and business would be a boon for this country. BULLCOOKIES, as MASH’s Col Potter would say, who and how are we going to force these soulless and greedy corporations to not only give up their huge profits and bonuses, but use their new 15% tax cut to create jobs and spend their money in the USA. These corporations, even if they might consider giving up huge profits wouldn’t because they report to shareholders who want their money. Plus let’s admit it, businesses have been making their employees do more, work more just to keep their jobs. Sorry, I maybe cynical, but I don’t see these corporate monkeys giving up their 6-7 figure salaries & bonuses, mansions, lavish lifestyles, cars, vacations. Hell, if I were in their place, I sure wouldn’t want to give all that up! Regardless, I just don’t see it happening and if the GOP, thinks it will, they are either dumb, bribed or don’t give a f%*k about this country! Now, I just saw on the news, Flynn has plead guilty about lying to the FBI. So, we all know that this “investigation” into Russia’s involvement into our country’s election disappear. What a surprise, NOT. Since this administration has started, everything they have done had been behind closed doors, in secret and they are even willing to support child sexual abuser to get what they want! I use to think they would be voted out, but now I just think we should bend over and kiss our a$$ goodbye.


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