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FAA: How Do You Deregulate When Everything Is Working?
by Countable
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  • Phillip

    This is bogus. There is no real shortage as such. There is a lack of willingness to start at food stamps salaries with upward of $100,000 in debt to pay off followed by years of being poorly paid and badly treated with no career progression. Then if and only if you discover the magic spell to get you into a major with all that experience you start again at a lesser salary for equal qualifications and sometimes more experience than the guys there. There is no correlation between military time and being able to be a useful cockpit member of a multi crew multi engine airplane. The system is flawed greatly. Until someone comes up with a fix which I doubt will happen we will get down to automated aircraft or drones with a single system intervener to take over. Once that’s proven to be acceptable to many they will become drones and the pilot will sit in a room somewhere. The only things holding hat ceo dream back is public perception and the lack of capability of the current Boeing’s flying around.


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