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FAA: How Do You Deregulate When Everything Is Working?
by Countable
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  • Donna

    We should do everything we can to aid and support our vets. Unlike the self-centered upper 1%, the men and women who make up our military ranks are the 1% of Americans who truly matter. They sacrifice everything for our country and we should react in kind. This is another example of the stupidity and short-sighted transactional view of the slew of EOs signed since January. Not all government is "a mess". Not everything should be screwed with. Not all things Obama or historical are bad. It is about time someone in Congress took a rational view of this Administration (and themselves) and put sanity, respect and common sense back into our institutions before they truly are destroyed. If the FAA is functioning as intended, forcing a change just to force a change is not only stupid, it is dangerous. Since most of this Administration likes to fly private jets, they will not be affected by the shortage or this order. Unfortunately those of us that pay their salaries will.


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