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FAA: How Do You Deregulate When Everything Is Working?
by Countable
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  • burrkitty

    This is a industry near and dear to me. My spouse is in avionics. I have several friends who are pilots and spouses of pilots. The shortage is not just in the air, but in the ground as well. It takes 4 to 5 ground crew to keep 1 air crew member in the sky. If you think that most of the daily flights need a minimum of 2 flight and 2 cabin crew, that 16-20 ground crew. While some of the jobs are unskilled, many of them are highly technical and need several years of training. At the same time, the number of A&P licensed technicians is dropping off. So we begin to lack both pilots to fly the planes and technicians to repair and maintain them. Lack of crew grounds planes in many places around the world. This isn't so big a problem in WA state where Boeing lives and avionics is a known and respected career, but elsewhere the industry is scrambling to get qualified people. Cutting regulations may get more people in the industry, but at what cost to safety? My spouse is aware that his work holds the lives of hundreds of people per flight per day. Getting it wrong kills lots of people when you work on planes and every accident involves 2-300 innocent passengers. So perhaps the "Cut 2 for Every New" isn't a great idea.

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