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FAA: How Do You Deregulate When Everything Is Working?
by Countable
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    The eliminate 2 regulations for every one proposed is a shoot from the hip management. Thought, obtaining information, analysis and planning are some characteristics in an effective leader. Trump is not an effective leader. Military pilots retire with a significant, military pension with far fewer years and a significantly lower age requirement than the private sector. Why would you want to give that up to work for companies which are notorious for bungling customer service, and planning. More pilots won’t solve that. I have a concern that using this type of arrangement will be used to eliminate or reduce private sector requirements thus putting poorly or unqualified individuals into sensitive positions. Govt already is doing that. Examples: Rex Tillerson. Running a big company is not even close to requirements of Secy of State. He is focused on what he knows—reorganization. Ben Carson’s qualification for running Housing is that he lives in a house. Jared Kushner’s real estate enterprise equates to the ability to reach a peace agreement in the Middle East. And there is Trump. Enough said.


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