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Word of the Day: Acting Director
by Countable
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  • Donna

    So far this administration, with the help of an enabling, inept Senate majority, has installed two top advisors in the White House in violation of the law against nepotism, a Secretary of Energy who said the department should be eliminated, a head of the EPA who has sued that agency multiple times for the benefit of the big energy companies and the peril of the environment he is now supposedly protecting, a Secretary of Education who has never attended or supported public education because she had no use for it, a Secretary of State who has bled our diplomatic corp dry, a FCC that is removing 1st Amendment rights from us all in support of big business through the repeal of the net neutrality rules, broken the back of our already failing health insurance system because it was implemented by his predecessor and NOW thinks it has the authority to destroy the CFPB by illegally installing an acting director who has no use for the organization. Sounds like our democratic republic is working as expected -- for the 1%. Too bad the remaining 99% who choose to remain in a country headed toward totalitarianism cannot even rely on our elected officials to protect us. Just another day at the office for this corrupt Administration and the group of soulless and devoid of conscience elected officials who each day come to work and violate their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws crafted and passed by that very same institution.


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