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FAA: How Do You Deregulate When Everything Is Working?
by Countable
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  • Hillary

    This is such a tangled question! If we are enjoying record lows in pilot accidents that seems like a very good thing and why mess with it? If we are experiencing a pilot shortage why assume that it is solely because pilots have to pay for commercial flight hours? Does that not technically count as “tuition”? Maybe we should be looking at other causes like working conditions, salary, benefits, adequate time off, mental health support for a stressful occupation- maybe those things aren’t attractive enough to draw qualified applicants. We’ve done the same with teachers (and other professionals) we need them badly and yet we constantly peck away at their pay and benefits, talk them down in certain media, regulate the classroom so much that teachers are legally constrained from teaching. Then we point the finger and say we knew you were not worth paying. If we make being a commercial pilot an attractive enough position pilots will come.

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