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Word of the Day: Acting Director
by Countable
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  • Frances

    I am so sick of this administration, which I am sure we did not elect! and is trying to pull down everything about this country that makes it great--tolerance, fairness, protection of the well-being of the people, instead of exploitation of them at every turn, the protection of our planet so that it is preserved for future generations instead of plundered for the good of a few wealthy individuals who don't even give a damn about their own grandchildren's lives!, the respect of the world for our upholding of human rights instead of colluding and bootlicking with dictators and mobsters, protecting all that people have worked for all of their lives instead of profiting from the backs of hardworking Americans, welcoming those fleeing from oppression instead of detaining them like hardened criminals for trying to seek a better life for their families. It all makes me sick--the defending of child molesters, sexual abusers, greedy corporations who steal our clean water and poison us with chemicals and fracking, steal our clean air and make it unbreathable so that our children sicken, try to ram their sick, intolerant form of twisted religion down our throats while they act so pure, but are so full of corruption! I'm sick of it all--and the corrupt, colluding, treasonous criminals who are guilty of it all! These self-righteous hypocrites!

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