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Partner Perspectives: The Corporate Tax Rate Should Raise More Revenue From Corporations
by Patriotic Millionaires
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  • NoHedges

    Data for Policy Making: As referenced in HR 4174 on data in policymaking decisions, I offer these academic truths regarding ➡️ Gift based economies, (including trickle down) do not work between strangers. Gift based economies do not create new goods; they move good in fairly small circles. Gift-based economies are problematic for equity of taxation. Meaning they tend to be slimy, subjective, and prone to corruption. These truths, minus my interpretation, were accepted and applied to emerging civilizations roughly 6 millennium ago. 💥So, since we know trickle down is a component of a gift based economy AND gift based economic models are NOT a good fit for our economy ☄️AND HAVE HAD THE DATA SUPPORTING THESE TRUTHS FOR 6 flipping millennium. 💫Do you think it would be possible to open the floor up to evidence-based principles that are a good fit and have NOT BEEN PROVEN TIME AFTER TIME TO FAIL!

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