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Partner Perspectives: The Corporate Tax Rate Should Raise More Revenue From Corporations
by Patriotic Millionaires
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  • NorthTexas

    Unless there is simultaneous legislation to increase minimum-wage to $15 then corporate tax rate should not go down to 20. We don't need to put more money in the pockets of big business owners and investors. Their pockets are already stuffed full. If they wanted to reinvest and stop putting money offshore they would've already done it. The temporary tax cuts for middle-class are not enough to balance out the fact that you are robbing the poor to pay the rich. Be Robin Hood not Prince John. If middle class or get a temporary tax cuts then corporation should get temporary tax cuts. The excuse that they need permit tax cut so they can plan accordingly goes along with why the middle class should get permit tax cuts. Stop robbing Peter to pay Paul. Remember that you represent the people not corporations. Get out of big businesses pockets.

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