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Partner Perspectives: The Corporate Tax Rate Should Raise More Revenue From Corporations
by Patriotic Millionaires
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  • Diane

    The “Patriotic Millionaires” perspective that decreasing taxes on corporations stimulates the American economy and results in increased prosperity for lower & middle class Americans is written from the privileged perspective of the wealthy, with neither understanding nor concern for the citizens who form the backbone of the economy. Supply side fiscalism and trickle down economics were soundly disproven during the 8 years of the Regan administration, from which we have NOT recovered in the intervening decades. The experiment was just repeated in Kansas with the same disastrous consequences. The rich retain the gift of greater profit and the important 99% fall further behind. We all need to take to the streets and remind Congress who they work for — the American people, not corporate lobbyists. Dark money funding has no place in politics, and Citizens United must be overturned if we are to retain any semblance of our founding as a republic. BE VERY ANGRY!

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