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White House Blocking Congressional Oversight of Travel Spending
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  • Margaret

    All of Trump backers insist that anyone who disagrees with the dictator and chief are whiners, idiots or traitors to this country. The moderate contingency of Trump/government supports insist, just wait until the elections for 2018 and 2020. We need to give President Trump time and support to get our country back in line with our Democratic philosophy. What no one wants to admit is we may not have elections or at least free elections. If the White House is blocking their own party and people’s call for oversight on traveling costs, what does that show for the future? Will the White House order the use of military force to close voting centers or restrict voting centers to specialize citizens. Will the White House collaborate with Putin and the Soviet ( oh sorry, they aren’t the Soviet Union, anymore and Putin isn’t KGB) Russian military to take over our military and put in prison all of our democratically elected officials and our citizens who oppose him/them. I know sounds like science fiction and it can’t possibly happen in our country! Just like calling women who were sexually assaulted in their teens liars, can’t happen. A president who supports white supremacy, would never happen in the 21st century in this country, a possible rollback of bans on endangered species contraband can’t possibly happen. We have given our rights up to a government and president who have the potential to severely kill our freedoms and we sit back and accept it as if it’s normal and okay. We also have children raping other children and adults and yes, this is something to fear, but can be controlled with increased police presence, better parenting and where necessary peer pressure. It works for the Bad with gangs, now let’s try to turn it around for good.


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