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Keystone Pipeline Leaks 5,000 Barrels of Oil In South Dakota
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    Can I hear a great big “ I told you so”!!!! This is the exact reason that the pipeline was and is a Piss Poor idea! Too bad it’s too late to save the land, people and water table in the area of the leak. Too bad we can’t force the company executives who own the pipeline and caused the leak and our brilliant politicians who approved this pipeline and who are profiting from this misery to move to the area of the leak and live there 24/7 until it is all cleaned up and declared “safe”. Wonder how fast that would happen & if they would ever declare it safe, if they had to worry about the cancers and other health problems this will cause over the next generations! All for another country to profit from this pipeline and the minimal number of jobs that they sold out for! Why do we sit and let these politicians and other countries profit from our land? Why have we not pushed these greedy SOB’s of all parties from office by voting others in their place? Why have we not used our purchasing power and our voting power to make our politicians, our automakers and our energy producers to produce a cheaper, healthier and renewable energy!

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