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Bipartisan Legislation Seeks to Strengthen Gun Background Check Database
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    I don’t understand anyone’s objection to making sure that background checks are completed before allowing someone like the POS’s that have been in the news since prior to Columbine. Yes, I hear the same arguments that don’t hold water; “Well, criminals don’t have to go to go through background checks. Criminals don’t have to wait to obtain guns.” WELL, DUH!!!! To steal a line from “Suicide Squad”, “We’re criminals, it’s what we do!” Having said all this, I’m glad to see a bipartisan attempt to enforce reporting information to “NICS, but I think it will fall far short of either passing it OR enforcing it. NRA still has too much money to pay their lobbyists to derail any shoring up of current gun laws and common sense measures. I have to wonder exactly what the NRA, gun manufacturers and people who blindly declare “they’ll pry my guns from my cold dead hands before I let them do anything to the current gun laws!”, what exactly are they afraid of? It shouldn’t be that one less gun could be sold to someone with a hard on to kill their ex, whether it be spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, co-worker, lover; I could go on and on! It can’t be that gun prices have become too expensive, from what I see advertised, pricing is cheaper then ever. So, you don’t have to have a lot of money to buy a gun, unless maybe you are buying one illegally, so need to bribe someone to ignore or bypass the laws. You don’t need to pass an IQ or common sense test to purchase a gun. Hell, you don’t even have to prove you won’t shoot your own foot off or your own fool head before they let you purchase a weapon. Hell, they investigate people more when they purchase a car or adopt an animal then they do to purchase a gun. All of this and we don’t even talk about the idiots who are permitted to buy assault weapons, automatic weapons or the kit to change a semi to an automatic. No sure about the average citizen, but personally the only people who should have access to assault or automatic weapons are first responders or the military! What does the average deer hunter need with an assault weapon anyway? If they used it & loss control, the meat and skin would probably be useless anyway. However, when all is said and done, it just makes sense that the current loopholes in enforcement of background checks need to be closed in the only 37, let me repeat it THREE (3), SEVEN (7) STATES that currently participate in NICS. This is a great first step and a great use of time and money for a bipartisan group of lawmakers! Not having to mourn or hear about friends, family and strangers massacred by a gunman who never should have had access to purchase a weapon, should be worth the effort!


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