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Senate Republicans Consider Expelling Roy Moore If He's Elected
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    This is shameful that Moore has even gotten then far that it has to be discussed if he gets elected, whether or not he should be expelled. What is even more shameful are all the nasty comments and FB and other social media how these women must be lying just to take down a republican. Why didn’t these women come out when they were teens and since they didn’t they HAVE to be lying! First, let’s face the elephant in the room. Yes, I agree that it happens. People lie! Girls and women have been proven to have lied about either being assaulted or who assaulted them. That being said, it is rare; very, very rare that they lie in this direction! Usually, it is the opposite, they deny they have been assaulted or they don’t know who assaulted them. Now that that is out of the way, let’s face some hard truths about sexual assault, the courts, reality and history. Today, in this “enlightened” age, the courts and a large portion of the population still blame the victim for being assaulted, this is whether the victim is 2 months old, 20 years old or 90 years old, male or female. Even the rapist blames the victim, since they flirted, ignored or taunted the rapist. It’s even worst if the victim is from pre-teen through before death, because you know they had to be “tempting them”. As far as victims of pedophile, the pedophile almost always threatens the victim that no one will believe them, they are children and no one listens to children. As far as anything happening 20, 30, 40, etc years ago, this attitude would have been even more prevailing. Children were to be seen and not heard was how most adults thought. Regardless, the statute of limitations has long passed, so unless Moore gets caught red handed assaulting another child, or someone comes forward who is still under the statute, he will never be arrested or tried in a court of law. All of this doesn’t amount to a hill of beans anyway, since President Trump and the Alabama GOP have said it doesn’t matter if he’s a pedophile, let the citizens of Alabama make the decision. I would sure like to have an independent party from outside of Alabama count the votes. President Trump, you talk about voter fraud, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and appoint people from outside of Alabama from the republican, Democratic and several independent parties to oversee this controversial election!


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