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GOP Buries Arctic Drilling in 2018 Budget
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    Why are we drilling for a resource that we know is poisonous to our land, drinking water, seas and air. Are our politicians and wealthy businessmen so determined to wring profit from our earth they don’t care how many people and animals they kill! Believe me, I am not against progress, energy, money, profit, etc.. With the technology and knowledge, even the potential for future, cleaner, renewable energy, this should be our focus. Plus, as usual our political machine has to hide their underhanded and dangerous interests behind important things like the budget in order to get their way and profits. I think it’s ironic and just plain hypocritical that anything the political machine doesn’t want, they tout how it will ruin the future for the children, grandchildren and future generations. Now on the other hand, since it will make them more money or more money for their cronies; basically it’s F**K the younger generations.


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