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Sessions May Have Met His Match With Marijuana Lawsuit By 12-Year Old
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    First, everyone knows that big business is the reason that marijuana has not been legalized. Big Pharma is the main reason that more studies have not been done on the benefits of especially medical marijuana may have both physically and mentally. If it was legalized and able to be prescribed legally by both holistic, alternative and mainstream healthcare professionals, the obscene amount of money made by the pharmaceutical companies for drugs, especially painkillers and opioids would dwindle away. This also means the tragically high number of opioid deaths and overdosed would hopefully be steadily stripped away, because most people wouldn’t need to be prescribed an opioid. The next points, should be self evident. The money generated by both medical and recreational marijuana controlled by just the state of Colorado has exceeded all expectations! It has exceeded expectations so well that Colorado has had to develop its own marijuana profits banking system. In the state of Florida, even though the citizens have voted to approve medical marijuana, the state representatives are still trying to overturn the citizens approval. The only people in Florida wealthy enough to pay the representatives to block this is big business and the wealthy. This attitude isn’t because of the evil of marijuana, but because of greed! Isn’t time that the citizens who have voted, actually have the voice and representation that we voted for county, state and federally.

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