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Alex Azar, Former Drug Company Executive, Nominated for Health Secretary
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    Does no one else see what an idiotic nomination this is? This is hiring the thief who stole your identity to protect your tv. Everyone is already complaining about the increase in health costs, the increase in costs for medications necessary to keep our children and ourselves alive whether from cancer, allergic reactions, diabetes or chicken pox or mumps or measles. Most families, especially without healthcare and a large portion of our senior citizen population can’t afford to buy both their medications and food! Oh, sorry, this MUST be fake news! Our VA system is BADLY in need of modernization and reorganization, as well as extension of services into areas of the country and states necessary to serve all veterans. This isn’t a luxury or a fringe benefit, these veterans, unlike 90% of our country’s representatives and their families, have given their time, skills, mental and physical abilities, as well as their family’s time and wellbeing to serve our country and as we have done since the French Indian War, we have continued to sh** on them, treat them like 2nd class citizens and let them be sick &/or die, as long as we the people don’t have to see, hear or know about it! Now, we are prepared to let our President and his “friends and family” not only nominate, but confirm someone, who if he denied that he has anything to do with the obscene profits that drug and insurance companies have made over the last 30+ years, we can only assume he is either a liar, delusional or brain dead! Even if we assume, I know (ass u & me) that he was only doing his job, do we really want someone in that position, making decisions on our health and lives, with the moral backbone of a nazi. So, I didn’t realize it was bad to try and wipe out generations of a race, I was only following orders. Give me a break! Guess what people, you think you’re safe because you have jobs, money, homes, families or just because you think everyone who doesn’t agree with you are stupid, but history proves that as societies become more isolated, elitist and the balance of wealth and power becomes even more strained, that’s when the barbarians start storming the gate and the part of society they attack & kill first are the ruling class.

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