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The Daily Countable: Trump Pursues Trade Abroad, While Democrats Push Progressive Agenda At Home
by Countable
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  • James

    The governorship elections in New Jersey and Virginia were not historic and do not claim that they were! Like I posted a couple of days ago the Democrat Party is turning in circles and does not no what to do as they are preparing for the massive fallout after what Donna Brazille revealed! Clinton's and Obama beware as there will be an appointed special council soon and charges of treason and racketeering will be forth coming! Moving on. The president's trip to the Far East and Western Pacific is a great success as no American president ever has been so welcomed. He's being treated like a God over there while liberal American media continues to accost him and can't prove anything. The Economy has picked up as many are back to work and foreign governments are investing here as well as jobs coming back! There are good well paying jobs to be had if one truly wants to go to work and is not afraid to get dirty! And learn!!!!! As for North Korea? That Liberation has been put into works as The People's Republic realizes how much of a thorn they are in their side! I don't think we'll have North Korean nukes exploding over us or any of our allies! Things are in the works!

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