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We Want To Know: What's Your Voting Story?
by Countable
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    Gerald is correct. Our country has a history of creating laws and regulations specifically to convict black and hispanic americans, primarily black americans, for relatively minor offenses to prevent them from being able to vote, to restrict their mobility and to prevent them from gaining wealth to pass on to the next generation. 1. Our laws need to be changed, to be more equitable and less racist. 2. Our law enforcement needs to be better trained, better integrated and must have civilian oversight by the people in their district. 3. With some exceptions, once a felon has "served their time" their right to vote should be restored. The exception are white collar criminals; they should never be allowed to vote. "White collar" criminals injure hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of people. They are the true threat to society. Who should be able to vote, a kid who was busted with pot and a pipe, or someone who steals millions or billions of dollars? A white kid gets caught with pot and a pipe and he gets a ride home from the police and a stern talk from dad. A black kid gets caught with pot and a pipe and he gets a felony. white "businessmen" (slumlords) bribe officials to look the other way and a children are severely injured from lead poisoning, and the "businessman" with a lawyer, gets a slap on the hand. Black and hispanic americans are kept artificially poor for many reasons. 1. cheap labor to make the ultra wealthy, even wealthier. 2. when you are focused on immediate needs, you don't have time to build political coalitions, political power, long term wealth or demand the equality you deserve. 3. As an thinly veiled threat to the middle class. If you middle class don't toe the line, we (the hidden "we" who pull the strings) will destroy your credit, take your job, away, take your home, take what little wealth you've accumulated and hope to pass on to your children. Our national GDP has steadily gone up for generations, but wages have not gone up at nearly the same rate. You are being cheated by the ultra rich. The billionaires pit the rest of us against each other to distract us from the fact that Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and many, many more corporations, and vastly wealthy families are raiding the hen house daily. Black americans deserve to be given more support ($) to build their family wealth, more support to provide their children with the best educational opportunities, more support to improve their choices and more support to drastically improve the cumulative quality and average length of black lives. Women and black americans are the two most abused groups, which is not to take away from the needs of hispanics, native americans and others; but black americans and women must be supported in leadership positions, public and private. The list of past and present atrocities against black americans and women are untenable. Reparations are in order and it needs to come from the Billionaires first, and then the taxpayers 2nd. We should have exactly zero billionaires and zero mega corporations. We can accomplish everything we have now, and more, without these massive greedy corporate machines and plutocratic families hiding in the shadows pulling the political strings.

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