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We Want To Know: What's Your Voting Story?
by Countable
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  • Michael

    Newton, MA’s elecion resulted in the city’s first woman mayor at a cost of a huge class divide. The winner, Ruthanne Fuller has donated to both political parties, was not born in Newton, and relied heavily on the richest wards for her victory. The loser, Scott Lennon was born and raised in Newton and has served the city for years. His house is worth 1/4 the amount that Fuller’s is and its a beautiful home. Lennon got a lot of support from the ward’s with lower income. The race was decided by 300 votes. Many are publicizing the race solely valuing the fact that Newton elected its’ first woman. When the real story is, Newton elected a fraud. Lennon’s dream was to be Mayor of Newton. He repeatedly said this election was for us and not him. His actions are consistent with that.

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