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What Do Donna Brazile's Revelations Mean For the Future of the DNC?
by Countable
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    I believe it means that Liberals will come together in Solidarity to support progressive candidates across the board, that represents REAL people, and equality for all human beings, not corporations. (Cannot even refer to people as people anymore due to unethical and immoral Conservative ideologies). The DNC has observed and participated in their share of corruption, as well, and may be likely ready to progress forward with a unified movement with the rest of the liberal-minded Citizens of this Country. Just like in successful business, placing people first, will always achieve success and greatness. The customer is always right. We The People are the Customer and pay services ethically. Corporations sneak through back doors and make unethical deals to steal the Country from the Owners, or shareholders, the actual tax payers. The DNC and Liberals will come together to put an end to unethical Conservative practices that harm people, the environment, wildlife and many small businesses, as well as the economy.

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