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What Do Donna Brazile's Revelations Mean For the Future of the DNC?
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    I am a fierce democrat as to be a republican now means being an immoral white supremacist bent on social and ethnic cleansing and corporate takeover. We were raised republicans and though we often disagreed we agreed we were moral patriotic people , both parties. We no longer believe this and folks in my family are patriotic and no longer republicans now after realizing that the republicans and trump cabinet colluded with Russia. I support democrats monthly , both with money calls and writing and I REFUSE to get drawn back into squabbling. The current Party Chairman Tom Perez has released a statement that looks towards the future, outlining the ways that the DNC will increase transparency and accountability to their constituents in order to ensure that the 2020 presidential race does not suffer from the same issues. I am a progressive democrat who will make sure this happens! I donate very small amounts every month to ALL democrats and I am not alone.

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