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New Rule Would Let States Decide Essential Health Benefits
by Countable
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  • Donna

    Isn't it bad enough that this administration has gone out of its way to destroy not only the accessibility to healthcare but the health and lives of Americans? Giving states the right to decide what EHBs are will do nothing but create confusion and increased costs for ALL consumers. This will not only affect the individual market -- it will affect ALL health insurance policies across the board, with the possible exception of the ones offered to the members of Congress. The ACA is not perfect but it has provided insurance to many people who were previously priced out of the market. This proposal, along with all the other ones aimed at killing the ACA, will do nothing to lower the cost of health care in this country. It will only increase the out of pocket expenses for the majority of Americans. Low premiums don't do anyone any good if their policy doesn't cover any actual medical expenses. I think it is time our representatives stopped grandstanding from their respective partisan corners and actually started working on a solution to this problem. After all, isn't that why we pay their salaries and their health insurance premiums?

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