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NYC Terrorist Attack Raises Questions About Immigration Lottery
by Countable
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  • Donna

    Instead of immediately retreating to our corners, can we all just take a breath and put this in perspective? The Diversity Visa program was started in 1990 and allowed a maximum of 50K immigrants into this country per year. If half of that was fulfilled each year, since 1990, there have been over 650K people who have entered this country on a Diversity Visa. This is the FIRST attack by any of them. Regardless of the visa granted to enter the country, the path from a visa to a green card (which this individual possessed) is the same. Our federal government agencies apparently vetted this individual once he was in the country and issued the green card. Eliminating this program and replacing it with a strictly merit-based system not have stopped the attack carried out in NYC. The only thing that will stop self-radicalized people from plotting and carrying out attacks on US soil is the lowering of the rhetoric and the raising of something this country used to have -- an appreciation that the melting pot of ideas is what makes us the UNITED States of America. Vilifying religions, cultures and customs we don't understand divides us and puts us all at greater risk for future attacks. I do not condone terrorism in any form but maybe the individuals pushed to this extreme here are merely "punching back" against those whom they feel have attacked them. Sound familiar?

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