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NYC Terrorist Attack Raises Questions About Immigration Lottery
by Countable
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  • Jean

    I served a young blind woman in the Texas Vocational Rehabilitation program who won the immigration lottery from the country she was from in Africa several years ago. After a few months of rehabilitation to learn skills as a blind person, she was able to start working part time and attend community college. She started working a full time job after a year of college and has now become a US citizen and just got married. Before we scrap a program that I know has successes, let’s find out how many other lottery winners have completed terrorist acts? Also, I recall there is a vetting process for lottery winners just as there is other people immigrating. So instead of going on a racist fear mongering tear, let’s review the program to determine if it is actually has any problems. The terrorist has been here since 2010, what has happened to him since he immigrated? Don’t use this horrendous act to assist another attempt to implement racist and illegal immigration policy.

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