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NYC Terrorist Attack Raises Questions About Immigration Lottery
by Countable
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  • James

    Sorry Countable member Hillary but you are not the smartest page in the book! Immigrants should be made to qualify to come here by meeting standards. Have an education. Have a skill or profession that is needed here in this country. Not have any type of troubled background i.e.; criminal from the country they want to leave. Must be fully vetted so as to verify sound character to include religious views and acceptability of everyone else to include western ways of life! Will they become true patriots and good Americans or shy away from the rest of society? Are they willing to teach good American values to their children and above all be willing to defend this nation in times of conflict? The American people at least the responsible ones demand to know this! There can be NO fine line! And this crap like lottery by ethnicity does not cut the mustard! We don't need someone else's Dummies just because some fool hearty goofball said it's fair and fitting, because it is not! That from a Veteran! I'm not going to change! You Change!

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