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Premiums Spike for Healthcare Plans
by Countable
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  • Ethan

    ACA needs some changes but the GOP can’t say it’s a failed policy while actively sabotaging it. The places where the ACA has had the hardest time are places where the GOP lead State level government didn’t expand Medicare & now premiums are spiking & insurers are pulling out of the exchanges because of the policies the GOP are enacting. It’s ludicrous that they can even get away with the obfuscation & out right lies on why the ACA is performing poorly. The Fact is that preventative health care brings down the overall cost of health insurance. Get regular checkups, see a doctor as early as possible when you are hurt or sick, and seek guidance about if a doctor visit is necessary means that people don’t need as much medical care. Couple that with a proper diet, exercise, and stress management and our whole society would be healthier. If we provide the next generation with the tools necessary for them to maintain their health, in a very short time premiums will drop dramatically because the whole society will be healthier. A healthier society then also is a more productive society and stronger overall. Quit with the short term thinking & do the Right thing for everyone but more importantly for the future of our Country and World.


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