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How To Read The Newly Released JFK Documents
by Countable
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  • Marty

    The records were going to be released anyways but he shortened the time frame for release if I am not mistaken. My recollection is 75 years was the scheduled release date. He shortened by 20 years and he is getting a push back from the fbi and cia. So that tells me they were involved somehow. Probably for the bay of pigs and attempts on Castro’s life. Then you have Fidel Castro and his brother Raul still who I think were responsible for the assassination. Which would have been an act of war which would have started a nuclear one. So the players are in my mind as follows. CIA , Castro brothers, the relatives of the bay of pigs and fbi now. The generation of that era was supposed to be dead by 75 years and it would be a moot point.. now it maybe not. Just my thought.


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