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Your Turn: Employment
by Countable
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  • Margaret

    You want my opinion, fine, here it is. The Obama administration didn’t change how the country counts unemployment, it has always had a limited amount of weeks. After you received the requisite amount of unemployment, you were dropped from the rolls until you hit retirement age; Social Security, got another job full or part time, joined the military, if you were able or went back to school; all of which meant you were now a member/number of another group; student, retiree, military, etc.. BTW, it was during the 80’s, that Social Security was no longer considered a separate budget or entity, President Reagan decided that Social Security should be considered part of the budget and could therefore be used to fund necessary over spending in other categories or departments of the government. Part of the logic was that workers at that time received a pension, Social Security and if the retired from government, military, first responders, etc. and/or a union job; they received a retirement paycheck from those entities. President Reagan called it double or triple dipping. As far as the unemployment rate & the alleged plethora of jobs available for workers. That’s a lie that our wonderful government has been trying to shove up our butts for at least 3 years! In fact, on the news this week, because of jobs with Uber, etc., typically minimum wage jobs like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc. are having a really hard time hiring and retaining workings, because they can’t stay competitive. And I’m sorry, but regardless of who you are, you can’t provide a roof over head, food on the table, healthcare, medical, fuel and clothing, especially for children on one, two or even three minimum wage jobs. In the state of Florida, the most you can make with unemployment is $275.00 minus taxes a week. That wouldn’t even pay for rent and food for a week for a single person, much less a family. If you have anything that can be used against you in the workplace; over 50, female, male, race, religion, sexual orientation, health, disability, fat, too thin, too smart, not a good brown noser, make too much money, dominate, submissive, criminal record, poor credit score, independent, over educated or under educated, recruiters & hiring managers really have no wish to interview the person for any number of reasons. So no, these are not true numbers, which means that numbers for homeless, those living below the poverty line, uninsured are all lies.


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